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Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) was established in the year 2015. With the institute’s expansion and steady growth, it aims to prepare students for corporate life through suitable courses, which builds their competence in management studies.

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IIMS (Indus Institute of Management Studies) was founded in 2015. The institute, which is expanding and steadily growing, intends to educate students for corporate life through management courses that enhance their management studies competency.

2015 saw the founding of the Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS). The institute is always growing to prepare students for the future of the business world. We offer the right courses to help students become self-assured and prepared for the corporate world in the future. Since 2007, Indus has offered an MBA programme. In addition, the management institute provides a three-year B.Com. The programme is a five-year dual degree programme (BBA+MBA), a four-year Integrated MBA programme, and a BBA (Hons).

Students' development at Indus Univesity is not restricted to the classroom. We provide students with the projects & programmes listed below to help them create company requirements as the best management institute in India:

Indus Institute of Management Studies is eager to meet all of its graduates who are successful in their chosen fields and who have left Indus University with nothing more than a badge of their talent.

Department of Management Studies

One of the top departments of the institution is the Department of Management Studies, which is part of the Institute of Management Studies. Aiming to meet the needs of the business for committed workers who can adjust to shifting market dynamics, the MBA Department was founded in 2007. Where Practice Meets Theory, the university's motto, captures the teaching process' use of a variety of pedagogical and evaluative approaches. Throughout the course work, seminars, expert sessions, conclaves, and industrial trips are organised to expand understanding of subjects realistically.

Department Facilities

The department subscribes to a number of periodicals and magazines that are helpful to students pursuing management education, allowing them to stay up to date on news, events, and trends. In order to gain practical knowledge and comprehension of the sector, we also frequently organise industrial trips, expert sessions, conclaves, and seminars.

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Integrated MBA

Students typically pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree by first completing a three-year bachelor's degree (such as a BA, B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, or B.Voc) in order to be eligible for the two-year MBA programme. The Integrated MBA curriculum gives students the chance to seek specialization in particular management fields while also giving them a thorough understanding of the principles of business management. Employers from a variety of industries are increasingly choosing MBA graduates from the best MBA college in India, who have a solid understanding of both the theory and practice of modern business administration.


Dual Degree MBA (BBA + MBA)

The dual degree MBA (BBA + MBA) course is a five-year, which integrates undergraduate as well as postgraduate education that a candidate can begin immediately after clearing the 10+2 examinations. It combines the undergraduate BBA and postgraduate MBA programmes into a single integrated course. Because the 2-year MBA programme must accommodate students from a variety of bachelor's degree programmes, some undergraduate courses are integrated into the MBA curriculum. In addition, students must commit at least five years after Class XII to earning the MBA degree.



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a well-known bachelor's degree. This degree programme focuses on business, company, and organization management. You will be taught skills and an in-depth understanding of the business world, as well as all the complexities of running a business. This is one of the top professional degrees available to 12th-grade students. A common fallacy is that a BBA is only useful if you intend to pursue an MBA. The truth is that BBA has a lot of value on its own, and BBA graduates from top management institutes in India find fantastic job possibilities soon after college. This degree is much more than just a stepping stone towards an MBA.


B.Com (Hons.) ACCA UK

B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce and is devoted to learning about commerce and business. In recent years, a new course called B.Com with ACCA UK Degree has emerged. It is a new course for the students, and only some people are familiar with it. ACCA is an abbreviation for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global organization of successful finance and accounting professionals. B.Com (Hons.) is a course that teaches students about commerce and business, with a particular emphasis on accounting. It is an undergraduate course that teaches accounting in a business setting as well as other corporate expertise. Students learn about business mechanisms and other essential business procedures while studying for the course.



MBA is a popular academic course among students from all disciplines, such as science, commerce, engineering, and humanities. The most common MBA type is the full-time MBA. Students with Bachelor's degrees, as well as those with professional experience, will benefit from Master of Business Administration courses. MBA programmes from the best MBA college in India teach managerial skills that are applicable to any business. Following their MBA, students hope to advance to managerial positions. MBA is a two-year postgraduate degree. It focuses on the science of business administration by improving organizational processes such as human resources, finance, marketing and sales. The program goal of MBA is to equip professionals for effective management in today's entrepreneurial world.


BBA in Aviation

Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) was established in 2015. The institute is continuously expanding to grow students for corporate life ahead. We provide suitable courses that build a student into a confident & future-ready for the corporate world. Indus has been providing the MBA programme since 2007. Besides that, the management institute also offers BBA, a five-year dual degree programme (BBA+MBA), four years Integrated MBA, and three-year B.Com (Hons).


The aim of the four-year Integrated MBA programme is to produce management professionals who can positively impact the global market. It offers them a rigorous, value-oriented teaching-learning process that develops the ability to respond to difficulties in international business. For students wanting four years of ongoing education after their 10+2 education, this is a fantastic possibility. Four years later, students graduate with an MBA.


At Indus Institute of Management Studies, there is a five-year Dual Degree BBA and MBA programme. Students can immediately enrol in an MBA programme after earning a BBA, avoiding the stress and strain of taking separate entrance exams. Students with this degree can gain knowledge of management theory and practical issues while specialising in a variety of fields, including finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and other related fields.


The three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) curriculum leads to a diploma. The students who complete this programme receive a foundational understanding of the many management disciplines. It exposes the students to the many management disciplines in a practical setting. In their final year, students have the option to take electives, where they can learn specific specialist subjects.


The full-time degree programme B.Com (Honors) ACCA 2019–20 was created in cooperation with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), UK. A six-paper exemption from the standard ACCA papers is also available through the B.Com (Honors) ACCA programme.


The MBA is the most popular post-graduate degree among young people who want to work in the management sector. The MBA programme at Indus will equip students with the information, abilities, and strategic viewpoints necessary for corporate leadership and a successful managerial career on a global scale.


In India, students can take a 3-year undergraduate degree in BBA Aviation after completing class XII. A strong managerial foundation is provided by BBA Aviation, especially for those interested in aviation and the airline business. After completing this course, students will be better equipped to appreciate business processes, identify potential problems, and fix them as the aviation industry deals with shifting circumstances.


Dual Degree MBA Programme


Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) was established in the year 2015.


B.Com Course


Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) was established in the year 2015.


Integrated MBA Course

Industry Interaction Series

Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) was established in the year 2015.


Department Activities

Enlightening Session on the Union Budget of India

Indus Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) recently hosted an enlightening session on the Union Budget of India on February 1, 2024. The primary aim was to equip students with an understanding of how the annual financial statements, estimating government receipts and expenditures for the upcoming year, are prepared. Participants delved into budget analysis across various sectors, exploring government priorities, economic mechanisms, and fund allocation strategies for fostering targeted growth. The objective of the Union Budget is to drive rapid and balanced economic development in our nation, while ensuring social justice and equality. During the live session, 123 students actively engaged in unraveling the intricacies of the Union Budget for the fiscal year 2024-25.

Guest Session on " Careers in Banking and Financial Services "

On January 30, 2024, Mr. Sachin Gupta, Vice President of Wholesale Banking at IDFC First Bank Limited, Ahmedabad, delivered a guest session on "Careers in Banking and Financial Services" to over 130 MBA students at IIMS. During the lecture, he provided insights into the banking and financial services sector and discussed the diverse job opportunities available in the market.

Student Achievement

Khushali Modi from IIMS won the doubles title in the Ranchi AITA Women’s Tournament on January 5, 2024.